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“Sphere” has been designing interiors for many years now.

We carry out a full cycle of development and implementation of design solutions and we approach each task very responsibly.

Using the experience we’ve gathered through many years, and taking into account all of your wishes, our team of well-coordinated experts will present you an Interior Design Project, that will optimally solve all aesthetic, functional and stylistic tasks. Each stage of the producing the interior will be carefully thought out – from redesigning the structure to the final remodeling, in accordance with all building codes and regulations.

We will be providing full support from the beginning of the design process and all the way through the final construction and finishing works, according to the project. We’ll guide you through the selection of finishing and building materials and of course, with the selection of the furniture, that will optimally integrate with your interior. 

Special attention is paid to modern design trends and integration of progressive technology design elements into our projects.

As a result – you get a chance to make the interior of your home look and feel exquisite, stylish, modern, comfortable and exclusive!

Our pride is our regular clients, who trust our experience and come back to us again. We are thankful for that!

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